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NetSuite: At a Glance

NetSuite is the undisputed number 1 among cloud-based ERP systems and offers versatile modules in the areas of ERP+Finance, CRM, eCommerce and Project Management so that customers get exactly what they need. NetSuite thus offers industry-specific functions for a broad spectrum of companies. A special feature of NetSuite is that it can be flexibly adapted to the growth of your company and therefore also represents an affordable complete solution for smaller companies.

More than 40,000 companies of various sizes and industries use NetSuite to manage their business processes successfully.

A scalable ERP solution that handles your key back-office operations and financial business processes.

NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce is not just an extension, it’s a core business functionality and enables companies to seamlessly connect every step of a multi-channel and multi-location business – from e-commerce, POS and order management to merchandising, marketing, inventory, finance and customer service.

NetSuite‘s OneWorld provides a unified, global, real-time business management platform that facilitates subsidiary management and enterprise-wide consolidation. It provides real-time visibility and effortless processing of multiple currencies, languages, tax rules and reporting requirements.

NetSuite CRM enables a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle – from the lead-phase over quotes, order placement, fulfilment, follow-up, up-sell, cross-sell through to support – giving you a 360-degree real-time view of your customers in the cloud.

NetSuite’s cloud-based PSA convinces by seamless networking of all core applications with NetSuite’s Services Resource Planning (SRP) including resource management, working time management, expense accounting and project accounting.

NetSuite: The Unique Solution

Keeping a company competitive with new or growing competitors is a challenge. A challenge where NetSuite gives your business the competitive edge by delivering the following key benefits in addition to a broad range of ERP capabilities:

With live analytics as the integrated core of the user interface, users get easily accessible analytics and metrics: Important data as business insights.

As your business grows, you’ll have the best solution for your business needs with this highly scalable business management system, which can be flexibly adapted to growth. Whether scale-up, spin-off, new business model – modules can be added and adapted to the system.

It is fundamental to competitive companies that their employees have the data they need to do their job successfully in real time.

The cloud infrastructure means lower operational costs because you don’t have to finance a complex on-premise solution, implementation is faster, and each NetSuite upgrade seamlessly migrates your configurations and customizations.

NetSuite: User Experience

NetSuite understands that your employees as users are the most important link in the entire process and therefore puts great emphasis on the user experience. Designs and interfaces are customized to increase user efficiency and, most importantly, team productivity.

Each user is granted access protected by the NetSuite authentication system. 2-factor authentication is just one of many protection mechanisms provided by the NetSuite security team.

With this access, an employee receives one or more roles that are tailored to the respective function and grant corresponding rights / restrictions.

This includes user-defined dashboards that adapt to the role / function and deliver relevant information in real time.

More than 40,000 companies, including ASICS, Deliveroo, Elgato, Spotify, GoPro and many more, are already using NetSuite’s many capabilities to manage their business processes, benefiting in particular from the ability to display user-based information. CEO, COO and CFO for example need different data than the sales person or the IT in order to act effectively:

For the entrepreneur, this means lower training costs, lower total operating costs and increased sales.

NetSuite: Implementation

We offer our services as an official NetSuite implementation partner throughout Germany and Switzerland. We work with the strong believe that you and your employees do not have to adapt to a new ERP system but that we adapt NetSuite ERP exactly to your needs. This includes mapping the company’s processes in the ERP system in such a way that a change is not equivalent to a new beginning.

What makes NetSuite stand out during implementation is that it is strongly adaptable to the peculiarities of every company or to changing legal requirements. This flexibility of the system allows us as an implementation specialist to always find a solution for your company.



We conduct a process survey with all stakeholders, jointly develope a comprehensive solution and prepare a target price quotation.


Project Preparation

After signing the contract, we carry out a preliminary project in wich the final requirements for implementation are clarified before the configuration phase starts.



In this phase, our certified team will implement NetSuite an adapt it to the company-specific requirements. At the same time, the key users will be trained.


Testing & Migration

After the data migration, all functionalities are checked in the course of user acceptance testing and the processes set up are approved.



Shortly before the GoLive, the end-user training as well as a Pre-GoLive take place, so that with the GoLive an optimal result is achieved through full operational capability.



After the final optimization, comprehensive support following the GoLive is available to you. Both for short “how-to” questions or more comprehensive problems.

Your way of working, your processes, your workflows, your challenges – they are all different and unique in a way. These processes and issues are critical to your system requirements. It is therefore important for us to identify a solution and then implement a system that minimises your challenges, optimises your processes and helps your business grow.

With ambition and pleasure we dive deep into your challenges, your requirements and your workflows to adapt NetSuite to your advantage. Your success is our goal – contact the team!

NetSuite: Germany / Switzerland

NetSuite is a complete ERP solution for both German and Swiss companies from almost all industries.

NetSuite ERP and NetSuite OneWorld have been certified by the “Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland e.V.” (Institute of Auditors) as the first generally available Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Management Suite. The auditing standard IDW PS 880 is based on the German auditing standard 880 “Erstellung und Verwendung von Software-Bescheinigungsberichten” (Preparation and Use of Software Certification Reports) published by the “Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer” in Germany, which ensures compliance with the German Commercial Code, the tax regulations of the German Tax Code, the IDW accounting principles and the generally recognized IT-supported accounting systems
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Since some needs of a company are not covered by the standard NetSuite, we as implementation specialists already have our own programmed solutions. We can also create a solution for your company or regional needs with our development team at any time.

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