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In our modern and fast-paced world, business requirements and customer demands are changing faster than ever before. Keeping a company in a competitive condition with growing or new competitors is a challenge. However, customers are also demanding ever more complex products and services, which increase the challenge.

In such a situation, every company needs a solution that not only supports current workflows and processes, but is also easy to implement, offers a quick return on investment, and above all enables growth and constantly changing requirements. In other words, a flexible solution that makes it easier to tie costs even closer to activities.

Over time, cloud solutions have become a key element in gaining a competitive advantage over competitors. According to a survey by Frost & Sullivan, more than 67% of companies across Europe stated that cloud based solutions give them a competitive edge. Over 55% use cloud-based solutions for business-critical purposes.

More surprisingly, the same Frost & Sullivan survey found that 75% of European companies were not sure whether their financial data and specifications were accurate, complete and up-to-date. Not surprisingly, the survey also showed that over 80% of participating companies felt that more effective data and customer management could improve business intelligence, customer service and decision making.

Based on the requirements for cloud-based solutions such as online usability, enhanced flexibility and personalization, increased centralization of critical data, easy access to business intelligence, and improved customer management and service, NetSuite has developed a product that provides easy access to real-time information, potential and support for future growth, easy implementation with a simple licensing model.

More than 40,000 companies and organizations worldwide have already implemented NetSuite, making it the world’s leading software and cloud-based ERP application. NetSuite’s ability to automate business processes is enhanced by the ability to customize applications to the specific needs and requirements of more than 40,000 customers.

The future is in the clouds!

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