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SwissBear IT is a professional software service company. Our mission is to maximize business value for companies by replacing outdated ERP systems with practice-proven ERP software. Adapted to the current needs and evolution of the industry, we rely on a future-proof cloud solution that provides a company with significant competetive benefits.

The SwissBear IT Ltd. (SBI)

Our special strengths are the rapid completion of projects – a go-live within six months is quite possible – with unbeatably low prices. In addition, we pay special attention to the immediate practical benefit of our solutions.

All necessary forms and management evaluations are included from the outset. From consulting to drafting the task to implementation and operation – you can always rely on FSS as a reliable partner for optimized and integrated business processes and IT systems. We are always up to date – and always focus on tangible customer benefits.


  • 03/2018

  • 04/2018

    Official Oracle+NetSuite Alliance Partner (D)


  • 08/2018

    Certified Pre-Sales / NetSuite Essentials

  • 10/2018

    Official Oracle+NetSuite Alliance Partner (ACH)


  • 11/2018

    Certified Masterclass

  • 02/2019

    Authorized SuiteSuccess


Company Information: Our strong Partner Network

SwissBear IT achieves this goal by working closely with ORACLE NetSuite and is proud to be a certified NetSuite Alliance Partner. This enables us to provide a faster and more robust ERP solution for your company and its subsidiaries. We are active in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

SwissBear IT erhält als Tochtergesellschaft starken Rückhalt von der Full Speed Systems AG. Diese führt seit 1998 erfolgreich Beratungs- und Informatikdienstleistungen für mittelständische Unternehmen auf der Basis von Oracle Produkten durch. In den vergangenen zwanzig Jahren hat FSS über 600 Projekte erfolgreich realisiert. Seit 2002 liegt die Erfolgsquote bei 100 Prozent – kein Projekt musste abgebrochen werden. Full Speed Systems legt dabei ein besonderes Augenmerk auf den sofortigen praktischen Nutzen der implementierten Lösungen und verfügt neben dem Hauptstandort Sursee in der Schweiz, noch über weitere Niederlassungen in Böblingen (DE) und Minsk (BY).

As a subsidiary, SwissBear IT receives strong support from Full Speed Systems AG. Since 1998, it has successfully provided consulting and IT services for medium-sized companies on the basis of Oracle products. Over the past twenty years, FSS has successfully implemented more than 600 projects. Since 2002, the success rate has been 100 percent – no project had to be cancelled. Full Speed Systems pays special attention to the immediate practical benefit of the implemented solutions and has further branches in Böblingen (DE) and Minsk (BY) in addition to its headquarters in Sursee, Switzerland.

SwissBear IT also benefits from the collaboration with Redfaire International BV, a network of several companies with activities in over 21 countries. We can therefore draw on the resources and experience of more than 650 employees who have received more than 60 awards as Oracle Platinum Partners over the past 20 years.


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