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Technology is still changing our lives to this day and it is always bringing us new opportunities, privately and professionally. In the 70’s the computer found its way into companies and over the development of the internet in the 90’s up until today a rapid development took place. In the context of the digital revolution, globalization is often mentioned nowadays. Without the support of increasingly optimized systems, globalization would certainly not have been possible on today’s scale. Among other things, global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and their predecessors should be emphasized.

The beginning of ERP systems was seen around the 90s. Compared to today’s ERP systems, they were very rigid systems. Users usually had to adapt their workflows to the ERP systems. The ERP systems were as well usually programmed for standard solutions. Among other things, this led to high costs and a great deal of effort in the adaptation, if this was possible at all. Nevertheless, the market recognized the potential, and with the impending Y2K computer error and the introduction of the Euro, companies started introducing ERP systems. In the course of the 2000s, the ERP systems developed rapidly and became Internet-compatible. The number of providers for add-ons grew and standard ERP systems could be more adapted to the requirements of a company than ever before. ERP systems were also becoming increasingly process-oriented and the benefits for companies grew.

Today, companies don’t just buy systems and adapt to them. They buy packages or licenses according to their requirements. “It belongs to the claim of an ERP system that it is integrative and depicts the company as a whole, both in the cross-departmental basic functions and in the specialist departments or functional areas. (03.09.2018 erp-system.de)

In the future, systems for companies will have to develop further in order to be able to correspond to the agile everyday life. Companies do not only need individual systems which enable cooperation through interfaces. Real-time information is needed at a glance, from wherever a user accesses and according to his requirements. ORACLE NetSuite proves what is possible.

Are you ready to make your company fit for the future with an ERP system from the cloud that has proven its worth for years? NetSuite is waiting for you. And as a NetSuite implementation partner, we will be happy to help you. Simply contact us.

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