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If you are a manufacturer looking for a complete business solution in the world of ERP systems, ORACLE NetSuite’s cloud solution with Finance/ERP and Omnichannel Commerce software suite is the right choice. NetSuite ERP’s comprehensive functionality provides your organization with the software it needs to grow and expand. With its best-in-class architecture, you work in a cloud based solution that enables an expanded global network of suppliers and partners.

With features such as inventory management, account and financial management, order and customer relationship management, e-commerce, comprehensive reporting, support for assembly management, bill of materials, work order management, barcode procedures, and other business processes, NetSuite ERP can consolidate all your actions into one system to facilitate access to your data, reduce costs, ensure growth, and take your business to the next level.

NetSuite ERP’s role-based nature gives every employee access to exactly the information they need for their role – and its extensive customization capabilities allow them to configure their dashboard to provide a 360-degree view of exactly the business processes they want to see. Combined with the fact that NetSuite ERP is a cloud solution, Key Performance Indicators, reports and more can be accessed anywhere, anytime, whether with in an app or in a browser.

Software Suite from ORACLE NetSuite offers the following functions, among others:


NetSuite ERP provides the ability to integrate with CAD applications to simplify calculation by supporting simple import of parts lists. Enhanced capabilities for inventory control, planning and costing of items in project-driven environments. Supports comprehensive inventory costing methods such as LIFO, FIFO and actual costing.


NetSuite ERP automatically integrates pricing, sales tax, and rebate rules into quotes to accelerate real-time quote management. Enables the creation, execution and measurement of email campaigns. Makes managing opportunities, potential revenue, key contact information and related documents easier. Converts quotes into sales orders and forwards them to financial teams for invoicing.


NetSuite ERP supports multi-step picking, packaging and shipping. Real-time visibility of the entire order management process, including relevant information such as orders, trends, and conversion rates, as well as the ability to obtain more detailed information about the underlying transactions. Integrates with carriers such as UPS and FedEx.


NetSuite ERP improves sales resource planning by automatically proposing and generating purchase orders, work orders, and transportation orders across multiple locations. Integrates demand planning forecasts and required inventory levels based on different calculations created on history, trends, seasonal changes or sales forecasts.


NetSuite ERP simplifies multi-level work order processing by allowing a single work order to control a multi-level assembly. Supports all functions of production routing, including work steps, work centers, personnel, overhead, and materials. Maintains a complete history of each product kit throughout its lifecycle.


NetSuite ERP automates case management by assigning support tickets to unique customer email addresses, including ticket escalation rules. Accelerates material return as products can be returned to one of the many available locations. Improves warranty management with a look-up code that automatically triggers return and repair processes.


NetSuite ERP provides customizable dashboards with critical information as well as multiple reports such as profit and loss, balance sheets, consolidated reports, variance reports and side-by-side comparisons. Supports an unlimited number of general ledger accounts, subaccounts and segments. Automatically calculates sales taxes, financing costs and discount conditions.


NetSuite ERP enables the implementation of B2B and B2C portals to optimize order placement. Supports the creation of vouchers or discounts on specific items. Provides search engine analysis, website analysis and reporting, online marketing analysis and more. Accepts real-time payments from multiple credit cards and international currencies and supports Google Checkout and PayPal options.

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