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Oracle sales in the U.S. surpass Saleforce and SAP in overall results

In February 2019, analysts from IDC (market research firm) named Oracle NetSuite the market leader in enterprise applications in North America. In terms of market share and revenue, Oracle outperforms Saleforce.com and SAP in overall sales results.

Oracle reported Q3 revenue of $9.6 billion. Its total cloud services and license support revenue was $6.7 billion, representing 69 percent of revenue. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd announced that revenue for its NetSuite ERP cloud applications grew 30 percent.

(The result is based on IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker®, which tracks the software industry and publishes the results. Enterprise applications refer to ERP and CRM solutions, including business services, SCM, HCM, finance, procurement and production applications, etc.).

IDC experts see the reasons for Oracle’s pole position in the long-term benefits of the Oracle platform. Customers do not like to integrate complex applications from different vendors into their cloud. Important factors for customers looking for the right vendor include the user interface (UI), scalability, and ease of implementation and integration into the system.

Oracle sees further upswing in the future, as higher-margin sectors such as apps will continue to grow, while lower-margin sectors such as computer hardware will decline, the executives said.

German companies take a future-proof step into the Cloud

The opportunities on the market for cloud solutions have been growing constantly for years. Current figures show that this development will continue. On the one hand, customer demand is increasing, on the other hand, higher profits can be achieved with cloud-based systems. According to an IDC study, 91% of companies plan to operate Big Data, 87% Business Intelligence and 87% ERP and CRM applications primarily in the cloud within the next 12 months.

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